Follow Your Bliss

The internet is a small place.  A few days ago I noticed it was a friend's birthday on Facebook.  I used to work with this person and I smile even today when I think about our time together.  She was funny and whimsical and just a generally kind person.  After we left the company, we went our separate ways, but stayed in touch for a while on FB.  In my feed, a photo appeared of a ceramic sign I made several years ago with the words, Follow Your Bliss on it.  What was odd is that it was a friend of my friend that posted the photo.  I inquired about the photo and they shared that they had taken the photo of the sign on a hike on a trail near my house.  I was reminded that in 2010, I hung some of my seconds on the hiking trail in an effort to spread some joy to others and help to alleviate the growing pile of seconds I had made.   I figured the signs would either remain where I hung them or they would be rehomed and either way, I would be sharing the work I created.   I started making the signs in 2006.  The signs have made their way in and out of my studio and have sold well.  I really appreciated seeing my work turn up in the most random way.  It was a reminder of why I create the pieces I do.  And a reminder to continue to follow my bliss.   Hope you are doing something you enjoy and that you inspire others with the work you do.

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