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Welcome to our new line of 'Thought Stones'!

Each of these unique stones is meticulously handcrafted out of ceramic, ranging from 2” to 5” in size. Some stones feature gentle rattles, adding a delightful touch to their charm. This listing includes all six stones pictured in the photos.

Individually high-fired, every stone is adorned with either an uplifting message or a captivating design. Whether you choose to place them amidst the greenery of your garden or on the cozy shelves of your home, these Thought Stones infuse spaces with positivity and charm.

Spread joy effortlessly by gifting these Thought Stones to friends, family, and colleagues. Consider leaving one on your favorite hiking trail, sharing a moment of delight with a stranger.

Embrace the serenity and inspiration these Thought Stones bring into your life and the lives of those around you.